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One more emotional rollercoaster from Zoya Akhtar. She took us on road trip in ZNMD and now she has set us on cruise trip. Although means of trips are different, conflicts remain the same. Treatment is different but flavour remains the same. Destinations are different but outcome is same, trip changes the tripper’s outlook towards life.

Family drama which may make you think beyond what you see. Predictable and slow paced story sails in lighter tone. Many times, story fails to hold your attention but thanks to exotic locations for filling the gaps. Climax proves it as Hollywood style Bollywood piece 🙂

Dialogues are witty and meaningful, likely to stimulate you to think beyond words. If you are thinking and/or analytical type, post movie close your eyes, think beyond what you have seen and try to relate, of course after going back home and not in cinema hall 🙂

Performances are excellent. Background score is an average type. Title song is not a part of the movie.

In short, Well directed story which hardly have any interesting content. Packaging is the main strength of this film and that will make this film to earn 🙂

Sidhi baat, no bakvaas:

Packaging makes it good entertainer, will relax you and bring smile on your face.

Movie Wisdom:

  1. Relationships are much deeper and emotionally connected than what we think about it.

  2. Many times, while handling emotions, people cheat not only others but themselves as well.

  3. Bad marital relationship between parents make their children emotionally unstable and non-assertive.

  4. On lighter note, Dog understands humans better because it has no logic but pure emotions.

Disclaimer : 🙂

I’m not a paid or commercial movie critic, neither this is technical review of the movie.This share is to help like-minded friends for spending their money and time effectively 🙂

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