Lockdown proximity pulled couples apart – Inputs in Times of India

Before Covid-19 struck, families longed for some quality time together. Then, lockdown happened. While many had to adjust to work from home (WFH) as the new normal, several lost their livelihood and were forced to remain at home. This forced proximity gave rise to several relationship issues, as recorded by the trends of Abhayam 181 calls for 2020

Work, net connectivity woes stoke Amdavadis’ ire – my inputs in Sunday Times…

Working from home and managing workloads with erratic hours, and that too often on their weekly offs, appear to be weighing down hard on the tempers and stress-levels of people in Ahmedabad. A nationwide study conducted by Tata Salt Lite indicates that troubles related to work and internet connectivity are among top reasons that add to the stress-levels of Amdavadis, making them lose their temper.

Why humans bite another human? – My inputs in DNA…

Why humans bite another human?

It is a common way to show aggression tells a city-based psychiatrist, Dr Hansal Bhachech. “There are people who have strong arms, but those who don’t, use their teeth in self-defence. It is their weapon, they would either kite or bite someone….


What makes the game so addictive? Dr Hansal Bhachech, an Ahmedabad psychiatrist, said that every game design works on the principle of reward system. “The reward stimulates the person to turn to that addiction again and again as it releases dopamine, giving the person a temporary ‘high’,” he said….

Inputs in Sunday Times – Rise in distraught teens seeking help

The debate is still raging on whether the act captured in a video that surfaced on Friday — showing a swimming coach at a city club hitting two girls with a neck cord — showed the ugly underbelly of the grind the sportspersons allegedly go through in search of glory.
However, what shocked many was the stand taken by the parents when they refused to press charges against the coach and backed his methods.
For the city-based psychiatrists, it’s not a new phenomenon…

Radio Talks

Sharing my Radio Talk   RJ Dhvanit reciting poem on Krishna by Dr. Hansal Bhachech  

Suicide cases in Gujarat on the rise – Inputs in DNA

Dr Hansal Bhachech, consulting psychiatrist, said, “Increase in suicide cases may be directly related to the frustrations creeping in common people. Chief reasons for frustrations are increased cost and reduced ease of living, increasing stresses of daily life, costly and uncertain educational system, being intolerant, negativity in society in form of crimes, frauds, depression and so on…