‘Who is stronger, man or woman?!’

Many times I have been asked ‘who is stronger, man or woman?!’

‘Physically man but otherwise woman’ was my prompt answer; every time. I have always opined in my writings that women are stronger than men. Many readers have felt and in fact, some of them have argued also, that I’ve opined this way because I wanted to please women 🙂

No, that’s not true, they are stronger than men. I can cite many real life incidences. Because of her emotional display, women look weak on outer appearance but they are really strong within. They fight out situation better than men. In fact, men compete but women fight out. Women will not give up easily.

Today morning, I came across the news which has reinforced my views. These figures of suicide confirm that men give up easily than women!!

State among top 10 in suicide list 


What’s say?!!


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  1. prakash Prajapati says:

    agreed sir. in many situation women show their ability better way than men.

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