Review of Ram Leela

17 Nov

Review of Ram Leela


Love against rival families, groups, castes, communities, regions or nations is ‘Chilachalu’ plot of Bollywood, all that matter is the treatment given to the plot and SLB is a master of it 🙂 Unlike his melancholic tones in ‘Black’ and ‘Guzarish’, this one is vibrantly colorful! Movie is visual treat with SLB’s trade-mark artistic frames, colorful cinematography, energetic choreography, graceful dancing, wonderful costumes, eye-catching accessories etc. Music, percussions in particular, is foot tapping.

Not only ‘Romeo Juliet’, storyline remind you of many Bollywood flicks like ‘Ishaqzaade’, ‘Hulchal’, ‘QSQT’… (In fact this list can go on depending on your memory!) Clearly, its old wine in new bottle, scintillating bottle! To me, bottle size is a problem :P, should have been short because it drags in second half. Double meaning dialogues are like a blemish in beautiful portrait.

Romance lovers will find electrifying chemistry between Ranveer and Deepika. Duo looks fabulous in romantic intimate scenes in vibrantly colorful-artistic backgrounds. Deepika is awesome in all aspects and sensuous. Her costumes (new patterns of chania-choli etc.), accessories (Zumkas etc.), styles, dancing and gestures will be adorable to many women. Ranveer is power-packed and enviably masculine. Apart from his six-packs, women will notice his different shoes and men will wonder ‘shoes?! 🙂  Supriya Pathak is always a natural performer, one more addition. Richa is impressive in relatively short role.

Sidhi baat, no bakvaas:

More than men, women will love this movie. Movie is must watch, for those who love other aspects of movie than story. It may disappoint hard-core action lovers and masala film lovers.

Movie Wisdom:

1. It is difficult to distract and divert woman in love as compare to man.

2. Only woman can truly understand feelings of other woman, of course if and when she wants to!

3. Woman plays a vital role in rivalry; she can be a cause or a solution!

Disclaimer :  🙂

I’m not a paid or commercial movie critic. This share is to help like-minded friends for spending their money and time effectively 🙂


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