Learn to use both side of your brain…

After my article on Narendra Modi using both side of his brain, many readers have asked me to write on how to develop a skill of using both side of the brain?! Here I’m sharing some ideas which will help you to learn to use both sides of your brain effectively. You have to keep practicing to master this skill. All the best…

Theory of Lateralization:

Before we learn to use both side of brain, we need to understand Theory of Lateralization. TOL says our brain has two halves called right and left hemispheres. Both halves have different functions to offer and usually one is dominant over other. However, to use our brain most effectively and best of our advantage one has to learn to use them in close association and at times simultaneously.

Left brain v/s Right brain:

Left brain is verbal and logical, while right brain is visual and intuitive. Left brain dominant person is logical, analytical, objective, rational, and attentive as well as having strong reasoning. Command over language and speech, strategic planning, ability to use facts and figures etc. are their core abilities. On other hand, right brain dominant person is visual, imaginative, impulsive, intuitive, aesthetic and subjective thinker. Creativity, visualization, intuitiveness and multi-tasking are their core strengths.

Brain follows nature’s law ‘more you use it, the better it gets’. Hence left brain person keeps on strengthening left side and vice-versa. To me, it is almost obligatory that we can keep on using both side of the brain otherwise we will lose many vital qualities of our brain because brain also follows nature’s one more law ‘use it or lose it’. Keeping the fact in mind I’m sharing few tips to activate your unused side of brain so that you can use both side effectively.

If you are left brained person following tips will be useful for you:

Rather than being only logical, try to think intuitively or imaginatively. With facts and figures also try to consider your personal or gut feeling. You may find it illogical at times but still keep on looking through that angle.

Try to visualize and imagine information which your brain is getting, for example, if you are reading something; try to create mental images of the content or stop in between to visualize the information which you have read. Reading text with visualization is one of the most effective study tactics. Same strategy can be applied while listening to song, visualize lyrics.

Be innovative and think about alternatives, even if it sounds irrelevant with facts, for purpose of stimulation.

Engage yourself in hobbies requiring creativity like drawing, painting, writing, photography etc. Try to be as imaginative, innovative as possible.

Rather than being mechanical, try to be experimental in your routine.

If you are Right brained person following tips will be useful for you:

Regard less of your feeling; try to get into more details, facts and figures of any information.

To stimulate your logical thinking practice mathematics, learn or read statistics. Take puzzles, Sudoku, crosswords etc. Play games like chess, mobile logic games etc. Take reasoning and aptitude tests available online.

Be a planner; try to be a strategic in your approach. Develop habit to plan your routine and writing a diary.

Work with numbers and facts.

Concentrate on language, grammar and verbal skills. Listen and read speeches of good speakers. Never miss a chance to give talks or speeches.

Try to be vocal about your creativity and intuitiveness.

Balancing act:

Take any situation or problem, think about it as if you are right brained person for 10 minutes, think again about it as if you are left brained person for 10 minutes and finally think as if you are using both sides! It’s fun!!

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  1. Vinod Bijlani says:

    Thanks Doc for the post. I will go through it  Once again thanks for quick response on our request


  2. Well..nice to know new things….but how do I know which hemisphere (left or right ) of my brain is dominating ? My practicing will mainly based on active side of my mind.
    Are there any tests to know that ? Are those tests available on net ?

    1. Simple, do self analysis and find out your strengths and weaknesses.
      Analyze you way of thinking and tackling the problems.
      If needed take the help of someone who knows you closely.

  3. Infinitive Intelligence way.

  4. Nilesh R Bhatt says:

    Sir, I like to read “More you use it, the better it gets” & “Use it Or lose it” Thanks for information Please give this artical in your Gujarat samachar coloum this is one of my request.

  5. vsmathurco says:

    Excellent article, sir!!

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