If women go looking, they will find a man much faster than a man would find a woman!

A husband and wife were having a very intriguing conversation. “You have to hear this news sweetheart. According to a medical survey if a man has women friends, he is less is likely to have heart attack”, the husband read out an article on medical study conducted by Oxford University in the newspaper sipping tea at the breakfast table.

“What nonsense, these doctors have nothing better to do these days. That is why they keep doing such frivolous surveys”, the wife replied back irritatingly.

“Oh no, this is no frivolous survey. It is a medical study conducted by senior doctors which is why it is published as international news in the newspapers. There has to be lot of credibility in this news that men need women friends to protect their heart”, the husband put forth an argument.

“Then find yourself girl-friends but remember I too can find men friends”, replied the wife acknowledging what the husband wanted to hint through reading her that particular piece of news.

This conversation would have led to a verbal dual and might have ended up in a fight but we do not want to get into the personal details. But let’s go a little deep into the study that the husband was discussing with such relish. Having women friends would protect a man’s heart from a heart-attack, does this mean women friends are an alternative to an impending angioplasty and bypass surgery in men?! If yes, then a wife is also a woman. I have no inkling what researchers have to say to this but I feel like mentioning another survey here: Men feel more relaxed in the company of women other than their wives. If one uses one’s common sense, the reason behind this is very easy to understand. Social and familial responsibilities are associated with wives and men have a natural aversion to responsibility. So any relationship that comes with commitment and responsibility feels burdensome or tension-inducing while they feel refreshed in company of women who do not come with the strings of responsibility attached to them! Second most important reason is that men hate nagging and the other woman does not really need to nag. No wonder, the man feels relaxed in her company. Penny on pound that if the other woman too starts nagging like a wife, the husband would scoot from her company as well!

There is lot of truth in a woman’s general retort to her husband or boyfriend, “If you can find a woman, I too can find a man easily”. In fact, a woman can find a man much more easily and fast as compared to a man looking for a woman. But such a relationship might not offer that coveted feeling of lightness and relaxation to her. This is because women have an inbuilt nature to assume responsibilities. Resultantly, every relationship for them is a responsibility. Women are more committed to each relationship as compared to men and so assume the responsibility associated with each association, especially if it involves love and commitment. But the same woman finds it unbearable if there is a decline in commitment or vacuum of emotions expressed by her partner. Then, the woman might not suffer a heart attack but it is a sure invitation for depression and mental strain.


Men have an inherent capability to love many women at one point of time while women can love only one man at a time. Men feel relaxed in dividing their love, women feel tense in sharing their love.

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