Review of Krish 3

Review of Krish 3



I believe, predominantly ‘Head ruled’ people love to watch action movies and ‘Heart ruled’ prefer romantic sagas. Last Diwali, with his marketing skills, SRK could entertain ‘Heart ruled’ audience. This Diwali, with spectacular special effects and action sequences, Roshans will surely entertain ‘Head ruled’ audience and children. You will find special effects jaw-dropping, very effective sound-effects and cinematography will impress you unless you are hardcore ‘Hollywood buff’!

Movie would have been outstanding if Screenplay had pace, originality and thrill. Unlike it prequels, songs are not melodious and unnecessary.

Hrithik is awesome, Kangna is splendid,  Vivek is effective and Priyanka is wasted.

Sidhi baat, No bakwaas:

Family entertainer in Festival time, action lovers will enjoy.

Movie Wisdom:

  1. Creating fear is one of the powerful strategies to sell some products.  Corporates in all sectors are implementing this very smartly and strategically.
  2. Do not play with nature, result will be disastrous.
  3. Even DNA modifiable female becomes weak under the influence of emotions.

Disclaimer :  🙂

I’m not a paid or commercial movie critic. This share is to help like-minded friends for spending their money and time effectively 🙂

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  1. Vijay Prajapati says:

    I think its for childrens who have to like that type of movie

  2. Masses are parasitic.
    Heroes are egoistic.
    Not feed each other.
    Both will more established into their own qualities.
    Every hero has a self life.
    Used to make people buy the things they don’t need. And lure into thoughts which are not rational!

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