Why humans bite another human? – My inputs in DNA…

Over 4.22 lakh bite cases reported in 9-yrs: AMC
Govt hospitals register 17 cases of human bites, 421 cat bites & 146 monkey bites
Gargi Raval gargi.raval@dnaindia.net – 25 Feb 2019


In a bizarre turn of events the Ahmedabad civic body run hospitals have registered 17 cases of human bites. According to the data by the Health Department of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), in the last nine years 4.22 lakh bites cases were reported, of which majority were inflicted by the dogs.

Biting cases surge in spite sterilisation programme

The details were sought by the former leader of opposition Badruddin Shaikh to know the proper implementation of the dog sterilisation programme. Four non-governmental organisations have been given the contract by the civic body to sterilise dogs round the year. Yet, the dog population is on the rise in the city. “Since 2010, more than Rs 10 crore has been spent for sterilisation of dogs. But looking at the number of dog population it seems that the sterilisation programme is ineffective. According to the data by civic body there is one dog, per 20 human,” said Shaikh, former leader of the opposition, AMC.

“More than Rs 2 crore has been invested in the vaccination given to dogs. Most of the dog bites cases were reported after they were abandoned by the NGOs who sterilise them. Last year alone 59,621 dog bites were reported. Other cases include, 421 cat bite, 146 monkey bites and 117 bitten by others,” said the leader.


Why humans bite another human?

It is a common way to show aggression tells a city-based psychiatrist, Dr Hansal Bhachech. “There are people who have strong arms, but those who don’t, use their teeth in self-defence. It is their weapon, they would either kite or bite someone,” he said.

“Those who have weak limbs uses teeth to vent anger. In comparison with males, females are reported to use their teeth to vent their aggression. If someone holds them with a firm grip, biting is a common way to get back at the attacker,” remarked the doctor.

Dr Bhachech further added, “Psychologically, some people are orally fixated. Some people have oral stimulation since childhood. Also those who habituated to consuming tobacco, smoking or constantly into chewing something, are into biting habit,” he further said.

  The expert said that biting is the strongest form of attack. “If you hold someone in grip or kick it does not affect that much. But the biting gives intense pain and the victim may loosen the grip,” added the doctor.




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