Lockdown spike in calls flagging infidelity – Inputs in Times of India

TNN | Jan 6, 2021, 07:36 IST

AHMEDABAD: A 47-year-old woman from Vejalpur frantically called Abhayam 181 women helpline in July. “Her husband, a land broker, had invested in a spa a few years back. While the business failed to take off, he got romantically involved with his woman partner, much younger to him. He used to insist that his meetings were all business but when meetings continued even after the lockdown, the wife got suspicious,” said a counsellor with the helpline.
A sneak peek into the husband’s chat history blew the lid off the romance prompting the wife to follow him one night in a bid to catch the cheating hubby red-handed. “She called the Abhayam team to seek police assistance if required,” said the counsellor. She added the couple is under counselling trying to pick up threads of the tattered relationship.

Year 2020 witnessed 181 woman’s helpline ringing off the hook with unprecedented calls relating to extramarital affairs. In all, 4,916 called counsellors for issues related to extramarital affairs which is roughly one call every two hours. The figure was 35% higher than calls for marital issues, which accounted for 3,644 calls. Of total, 80% were made from March to December.
Dr Hansal Bhachech, a citybased psychiatrist, vouched for the trend. “2020 was a defining year for relationships. Generally, people are able to keep their lives inside and outside the house separate. But due to sustained lockdown, living together for months within a house, infidelity was increasingly exposed and confronted.”

However, it was ..

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