Planning The day of your Exam

Planning The day of your Exam

Have a good night sleep. This is very important to avoid thought block and improve your recall.

Have a good breakfast and avoid heavy lunch. Keep yourself well hydrated with adequate water intake. This is very essential for keeping up your alertness.

Avoid stimulants like coffee, Tobacco etc at last moments, it can worsen your anxiety.

Revise thoroughly, don’t learn new things now. This will clutter learned material creating thought block and anxiety.

Avoid last minute cramming and going through the your notes, it will create unnecessary stress. Trust yourself and your preparations.

After entering exam hall and waiting for question paper, relax yourself with slow & relax breathing, positive imageries and positive self affirmations. This will increase your confidence, concentration and presence of mind.

How to Answer a Test Paper

Scan the paper to plan your writing.

Allocate your time and weightage according to question worth.

Keep your calm and understand all questions properly.

Start with the easy and well learned stuff first. This will boost your confidence, increase your focus and set your rhythm.

In case of thought block on one question, move on to next one and come back later.

Keep your answersheet clean and simple.

Before you submit, revise your question paper to make sure no question is left and your answer paper for any small silly mistakes.

On completing exam, do not dissect or analyse, rather look forward to next one.

Wishing you all Happy Exams and very best of your luck

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