Things your man wants you to know about sex

My inputs and QA in Wedding Vows Magazine…

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1. Why do you think men watch porn?

By nature men are ‘Peeping Toms’ or in scientific term, voyeuristic. This means men are more visually stimulated than women. Their body and mind respond more strongly to visual sexual stimuli. As a result they get more sexual stimulation and gratification by looking at sexual objects or acts, especially secretively. Apart from natural voyeuristic inclination, men watch porn to get stimulation, to get pleasure in isolation, to spice up their excitement, to satisfy their fantasies and to experience a novelty. In early years guys watch it out of curiosity and sometimes to learn about sex as well. 

2. When do men enjoy sex the most?

Men enjoys sex the most when woman takes active interests in the act, stimulates him during the act and makes him realise that how stimulating and satisfying he is in bed. Dirty talks, sexual grunts, drinking or smoking together, watching porn etc spice up many men’s enjoyment. Nothing can be more satisfying than woman’s active performance rather than assuming passive role during sexual act. 

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3.  Do guys think about a women’s physical appearance before having sex with them?

As I said before, men are more visually stimulated so naturally physical appearance has a special place in man’s arousal. They may not think about it consciously but it has its impact, it may be overall appearance or body parts like breasts, eyes, lips, hairs etc. Once they are aroused, everything else becomes secondary but sex and her active performance or response. 

4. How important is sex for a man?

Sex is like a breathing for a man. One cannot think of surviving without it. This does not mean he is always on and continuously engaged in to sexual acts but it does mean that his thinking is dominated by sex, may be in foreground or background, may not be all the time but many times!!

5. What man hates most about sex? 

Begging for a sex and uncooperative partner are two things man hates the most. He doesn’t like to persuade sexual activities, he wants natural response to his arousal. He hates women using sex as control mechanism and taunting him on his desires. 


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