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Boy and Girl meet by coincidence. They decide to walk together for sometime without string attached or circumstances compelled them to do so. They depart happily with ecstatic memories of togetherness, as pre decided. Girl misses the boy and finds him out (or vice versa) after a painful quest. Boy is trapped in the robotic default life which he never wanted to live. Girl tries to make him realise the fact and there comes an enlightenment after lot of emotional suffering at both the end. Finally, happiness ever… You might be thinking that I’m narrating a story of Tamasha, nope, not only Tamasha, this is under current of all Imtiaz Ali’s movies, may it be ‘Socha na tha’ or ‘Ahista Ahista’ or ‘Jab we met’ or ‘Love aaj kal’ or ‘ Rockstar’, the only exception you may cite is ‘Highway’!! ‘Be what you are’ and ‘Listen to your heart, go back to the person staying there’ are his common messages since last decade. ‘अरे भैया you keep on telling us की break the routine तो आप भी करो ना अपना routine break! कुछ नया, कुछ हटके like what you keep on preaching’!! Instead, he is asking us on poster tagline ‘Why always the same story?’ Exactly, that’s what we want to ask man!! 

Tamasha is a common love story told in weird sequences. I’m not sure whether Imtiaz has tried becoming Christophar Nolan :p

Much awaited Ranbir and Deepika’s online chemistry looks faded as compare to YJYD. In fact, Deepika looks older than Ranbir 🙂

Weakly knitted storyline looses its grip many times. Performances of lead actors are good. Rehman’s percussion dominated music is a treat and Irshad Kamil’s lyrics are meaningful.

Sidhi baat, no bakvaas:

Eagerly waiting fans will be disappointed, however it is worth one time watch on week days. Many, like me, would like it. Good news is tickets rate is not of festive season, on which so called superstars are banking 🙂 🙂

Movie Wisdom:

Movie itself is preachy, ‘Be what you are’, ‘Listen to your heart and follow the inner voice’, ‘Break the routine and defy the life rules’ etc. However, apart from these घिसीपिटी बातें, one may contemplate subtle wisdom as well. 

  1. If person feels special and vibrant in your company, you are the one, no matter what your routine portray you. 
  2. Every one has a hidden self, which gets expressed unknowingly in certain relationship. Whether you accept it or not, you realise it or not, there is a strong connection and strings attached in such relationships.
  3. Soulmate is the one who can bring your best out of you, even if you’re ignorant about it.
  4. You can never get over the memories of person who has made you to forget everything but time spent together.
  5. Each one on this earth is in boring routine. What you admire in other person’s life is a boring routine for them and they admire your routine ! That’s what life is, accept it or not.
  6. Every person has three faces. One, what they are in core, second, what they wear in their routine life and third, what they portray in society or social media. Relationship where you are comfortable wearing a first one is the close one and where you prefer third is the distant one. All our relationships fall somewhere on this spectrum.

On lighter note…

  • Woman can understand what man wants and that too, better than man himself !
  • Man does not bother to know who he is within, girl comes in his life and takes him to emotional rollercoaster with her to make him realise who he is :))

Disclaimer : 🙂

I’m not a paid or commercial movie critic, neither this is technical review of the movie.This share is to help like-minded friends for spending their money and time effectively 🙂

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  1. shruti says:

    thank u soo much! More than the critics of the movie, I like your personal analysis (personal wisdome) out of the same….Get to learn many things!

    1. Yes I’m not critic, I’m writing that part just to open up discussion 🙂

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