Pornography, things which one should know !

Recently government goofed on pornography ban and ended publishing list of more than 800 porn-sites :))
I think reblog of this article will be an interesting read…

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On the eve of November 19th, Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone made her entry into the Big Boss House in traditional Indian attire. Her entry has soared up the TRP ratings of the show, as expected by channel. Well, if we consider this as Sunny’s effect then there is side effect too. With her entry not only TRP, but traffic on porn sites has also gone up! Curiosity laden people’s search about Sunny on the net has landed them on various porn sites. Unfortunately, children and teenagers are most unwelcomed in this network and now they are the most among new comers. Its trap, worst trap that affects young minds the most. Only prevention that works is an education about it. Few very important things, one should know about pornography, is discussed here with aim of preventing young minds slipping into porn addiction.

It’s organized and…

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