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I’m sure, my regular readers might be expecting sharing about ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ by this time. However, I have to disappoint them because this Friday I preferred to see debutant Director Neeraj Ghaywan’s movie ‘Masaan’- premier arranged with movie crew by Cineman Productions. Film is scheduled to release on July 24th,2015.

Simple looking love stories knitted in interesting backdrop of burning ghat in Varanasi (Benares), narrates changing perception of Indian youth about love, sex, morals, personal liberty and caste traditions. Appropriately paced story creeps in your mind leaving you completely engrossed. Character driven narratives could have been told in any backdrop but selection of cremation ghats of Ganges is sign of smart film making, full marks to Neeraj Ghaywan.

Cinematographer Avinash Dhaware is brilliant with his lenses. This film would have been life-less without his magical portrait of burning ghats, scenes of Ganges, coin searching dives, colourful streets or funeral pyres. In fact, cinematography of this film makes it ‘must see’. Lyrical interludes and background score is effective and will increase your engagement.

Richa Chadda is marvellous with internalizing her loss and her silences, so is Sanjay Mishra with his misery and struggle to save his family honour. Vicky Kaushal as a Corpse-burner on the ghat and Shweta Tripathi as a higher caste middle class girl, are fantabulous in their performances. Young Nikhil Sahni and Bhagvan Tiwari are noteworthy.

Sidhi baat, no bakvaas:

Must watch for any sensible and hard core movie lovers.

Movie Wisdom:

  1. Caught in any mutual sexual act, girl will be blamed, defamed and exploited more than a boy.

  2. One would spend much more to save his honour than his life, that too out of capacity!

  3. Young India’s perception about gender or cast discrimination has changed but not about corruption.

  4. Many times power and money makes person insensitive.

Disclaimer : 🙂

I’m not a paid or commercial movie critic, neither this is technical review of the movie.This share is to help like-minded friends for spending their money and time effectively 🙂



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