My inputs in Ahmedabad Mirror… about handeling teenagers physically

This interview is about handling teenagers physically. Psychological effect of such physical abuse  and approach towards solution is discussed in brief…Mirror 4.12.14
Dec 04 2014 : Mirror (Ahmedabad)
Man thrashes stepson, lands him in hospital
Scolded for not studying properly, 12-year-old Dev answered back which enraged Maulik so much he thrashed the boy with a thick wooden staff
A 12-year-old boy was admitted to a hospital after he was beaten mercilessly by his step father. The boy’s grandmother lodged a complaint with Chandkheda police who arrested the accused.The incident occurred on November 28. The police identified the accusedasMaulik Amin, who was arrested the next day then let out on bail .Police said, “Dev, his mother and his step-father live with his maternal grandparentsatHarimukut Bungalows on IOC Road inChandkheda.Harshida was first married to Ranip resident Pragnesh Naik and they had a baby boy, Dev. Some years later, their strained relationship led to a divorce. Then,Harshida met Maulik and fell in love with him. They married, moved into her parents’ house and had a daughter Aaradhya who is a year old now.“Police added, “On November 28, around 10.30 pm,Maulik scolded Dev for not studying properly. He also took Dev to task for lying. When Dev answered him back, an enragedMaulik began hitting Dev with a thick wooden staff.Bhagwati and Harshida tried to intervene, but he thrashed them and threatened to kill them.“Maulik stopped when neighbours rushed in and called the police. The police arrested Maulik who was later let out on bail. Dev was admitted to a private hospital. He was discharged after a day.

PSI H B Chavda said, “We have lodged a complaint and are investigating the case.“

Condemning the act, former chairman of Gujarat Bar Council Anil Kella said, “The police should take strict action against the perpetrator. They should create an example of the man so that no one else would dare hit their stepchild . The cops should make such a strong case that he does not get bail. If he is bailed, the police should challenge it. In this case, the man’s actions are cruel as he hit a child that was not his. There is no guarantee that he will take care of the kid in future.“

Psychiatrist Hansal Bhachech said, “The boy is entering his teen years. This is an impressionable age. This incident can leave him feeling angry and vengeful. But since he is no position to extract revenge, the feelings will fester in him and affect his psyche negatively. He will become angry towards those responsible for this situation like his grandmother, mother and stepfather. Unable to control his feelings, he will end up being aggressive and rebellious.“

To solve this issue, Dr Bhachech said, “The man should seek the boy’s forgiveness and assure him that he will always love the child as his own. His mom and grandmother should help soothe his feelings and fears. They should promise him that it was a one-off incident that will never be repeated.

“ They should not mention the incident repeatedly and help him forget it. A kid should not be loved so much that he becomes spoilt and overbearing.However, he should not be hit for a misdemeanour either.If he commits a mistake, the adults should talk to him and explain the consequences of his actions.“


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