Two Minute Analysis… Women and Pornography

Instant analysis


Study published in the journal Cyber-psychology, Behavior and Social Networking had found that women are just as likely to be addicted to pornography as men.Women are more likely to watch same-sex porn videos than heterosexual porn videos… Reader of this blog has send this research finding for two minute analysis.

Majority of heterosexual porn videos depict woman as sexual object and show vigorous sexual acts. On the other end. same sex(involving two women) porn videos are more softer and depict mutual pleasure. In such videos both women treat each-other in dignified way and not as sexual object. Moreover, woman knows how to stimulate woman better than man knows so such videos look more stimulating to women. Naturally, women find same-sex porn more interesting, stimulating and acceptable than heterosexual videos.

* This analysis is applicable to only those women who love to watch porn movies and not all 🙂

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  1. Up to my knowledge both type of videos, homo and hetero, are mostly directed by male directors. Matter is how nicely you understand viewer’s desire and able to pamper his/her feelings and sentiments. Director is professional and knows how to provoke emotions/sentiments.

    1. I agree
      but expressions, acts and sensibility of characters matters…

      1. If someone is porn director and knows h/s has to extend movie up to 30-40 minutes without involving/shooting intercourse, what h/s will do? Lesbian movies actually can be seen/catagorised/viewed as foreplay. Some porn movies which has stories more liked by women because it goes slowly (hence extended lovemaking/romantic/courteous scenes to arouse emotions/sentiments because response of female to sex is usually slower compared to male) rather than directly going “to the point (or kaam ki baat from the male perspective)”. While other hardcore movies which goes to intercourse withing 4-5 minutes, which are acclaimed by male viewers, doesn’t liked by women viewers because there is no foreplay.

        So if I was involved in research written in blog then I would have concluded that women likes foreplay.

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