My Inputs in Deccan chronicle and Asian Age…

My Inputs in Deccan chronicle and Asian Age…

UntitledTravel and the male psyche

Psychiatrist and author Dr Hansal Bhachech from Ahmedabad says the subtle pressure of being part of the family propels men to have the ‘me’ time. “While conversing with wife or children, men can’t afford to let out their feelings. So when one constantly converses with them, it develops a certain pressure. It’s not like men find family stressful, but being constantly conscious of their behaviour makes them feel a little stressed. But when being with friends, men can be themselves and they find it more relieving.” Dr. Hansal Bhachech feels that these days most men are answerable to their wives if they are home even 15 minutes later than the usual time. “It only adds to the pressure,” he points out. Dr. Hansal Bhachech says travelling with friends or strangers or even alone works for men since they feel they are outside of all those rings that bind them. “That’s why travelling to a faraway place has a greater effect than hanging out within the city.” He suggests it’s better for couples to sit up and workout a timetable that makes sure that both of them have a quality time together. “When they have quality time together, there will be automatically space for ‘me’ time for both and there will be no space for complaints.”

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