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‘No one is taking me seriously’ – that’s what Sonam Kapoor told media few days back. True, there were only nearly 50 people in theater and that too first day night show! Apart from weak adoption of theme, there is nothing much common between Hrishida’s khoobsurat and its remake. In fact, nothing to compare and we should not try even. Story-line is weak and predictable. The film is supposed to be heroine oriented but Sonam has failed to take that lead! All significant female characters have not done anything different. Sonam is Ayesha, Ratna Pathak is Maya Sarabhai and Kiran Kher is typical mom which she keeps on playing since long. Ratna Pathak’s expressions and Kiran Kher’s reactions are humorous. Fawad Khan is flat but impressive.
Long shots of palaces are wonderful. The best part I liked about the movie is Sonam’s ring tone…’Ma ka fon’ 🙂 Some dialogues are witty and effective, particularly those in form of self-talks.
Wonderful Rajsthani song is wasted on hopeless dancing 😦

Sidhi baat, no bakvaas:
Time pass light entertainment will refresh you, at least.

Movie Wisdom:

1. If you freeze yourself in painful past, you become handicapped and life gets paralyzed for your loved ones. You have to move on to make yourself and people surrounding you happy.
2. You need to express yourself well; unexpressed emotions remain buried within you as regrets which haunt you forever.
3. Family without strong and open communication is a source of constant conflicts and dissatisfaction, most of the time expressed as passive aggression.

Disclaimer : 🙂

I’m not a paid or commercial movie critic. This share is to help like-minded friends for spending their money and time effectively 🙂

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  1. deepa sheth says:

    Yes sir you are absolutely right,Sonam doesn’t know what is acting.Fawadkhan doesn’t have expression! Location shots are beautiful! Its not great at all. Ratna Pathak doesn’t disappoint.

  2. deepa sheth says:

    Yes sir you are absolutely right,Ratna Pathak doesn’t disappoint.

  3. sohang says:

    Totally agree…

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