Share about movie HOLIDAY



At last, after long holidays, I found myself in theatre watching ‘Holiday’, remake of the Tamil action-thriller THUPPAKKI

It’s a Perfect vacation entertainer just before vacation ends. New perspective of Terrorism is addressed effectively through interesting screen play. Logic defying yet gripping storyline would have been tighter if songs are not intruded. Length of the movie could have been reduced by removing unnecessary Sonakshi, Govinda and songs. However, the pace of movie is successful to hold your eyes and interest.

Akshay is typical in his stunts, actions and dialogues. Sonakshi is as usual, making money while doing nothing. Freddy Daruwala has done well. Govinda is unnecessary.

Sidhi baat, no bakvaas:

Typical Akshay package ‘entertaining action material wrapped in mild comedy and ineffective romance’, delivers its worth.

Movie Wisdom:

Whether soldiers or terrorists, they have to be trained to take away or give away the life. Civilians don’t have that mindset because they are not trained for the purpose.

Disclaimer :  🙂

I’m not a paid or commercial movie critic. This share is to help like-minded friends for spending their money and time effectively 🙂

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