C’m on guys, it’s candel march time :((

Seven rapes in 72 hours in UP !!
This shameful news has made me to Reblog one of my post. I’m not rebloginging this for you to agree or disagree with my views, this is just for stimulating your thinking process in right direction.

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C’m on guys, its candle march time 😦 😦 😦

One more rape, in which media have shown interest (otherwise rape incidences are daily) 😦 😦

They will earn TRP and we will join mass protest through forwarding messages, holding banners and lighting our favorite candles. After few days, media will be busy searching new scoops and we will enjoy ‘Babli badmaash hai’ 😦 😦

No matter, how sarcastic this you will find, let’s honestly confess it as a pure truth. We talk about respecting women but, believe me, we are taught not to 😦 😦

Majority of our films have at least one woman who is portrayed as sex object! Our songs and their lyrics, which we keep on listening repeatedly, have a language and tone to support this. Lead heroines are doing item numbers and we expect respect for women in common person’s mind. Commoner’s mind will unconsciously…

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  1. Muhammed hanif khatri. says:

    sachu chhe saheb. apne chokkas dambhi praja chhie. siddhanto ane sadvartan fakt kagal upar ane vani ma rahi gayu. vani vartan ma koi samanta nahi. stri ek upbhog ni vastu bani gai. kahevay stri purush samovadi pan hakikat ma nahi.

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