INSIDE MODI’S BRAIN – My inputs in today’s Ahmedabad Mirror…

My inputs in today’s Ahmedabad Mirror…
May 17 2014 : Mirror (Ahmedabad)
Tanushree Bhatia

Is Narendra Modi a logical thinker or a dreamer. Mirror deconstructs the incumbent PM’s skill set

Credited with a landslide victory that notched several firsts in Indian politics, AM peeks into the psyche of the 63-year-old `chaiwallah’ fromVadnagar,NarendraModi.A close look at his administrative decisions suggests Modi is a left-brain person with a good set of analytical skills and an eye for detail. The core suggests he is a right-brain person who is creative, artistic; a thinker with an open mind.

But what is this right-brain and leftbrain? The brain is divided into two hemispheres -the left is the verbal brain while right is the visual brain, each with specific characteristics. Those with left-brain thinking are logical and analyt ical, gifted with a sense of detail and planning. The right-brained ones are those with cognitive skills such as creativity, emotion and intuitiveness; occupations often associated with rightbrained users include politics, athletics.

NaMo, according to psychiatrist Dr Hansal Bhachech, is among the few political leaders who uses both side of his brain efficiently. According to Modi is a great visualiser with a cre ative bend that enables him to experiment, write poems; the trait makes him a good narrator and photographer. He is a workaholic, reporting to work from 7am till 10pm or midnight. He keeps tab on changes and projects implemented and notes what his critics or opposition say about him. Neurosurgeon Dr Bashir Ahmadi said, “Narendra Modi is a dual brain person who uses both his brains at the right place and right moment.“

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  1. Let us hope his weakness won’t get stronger in national level..

  2. Dhams says:

    Very Nice

  3. Bhawanishanker says:

    Very nice,hope we will see more intereting from u..

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