Last minute tips for Board exam appearing students

26 Feb

Interview in today’s Ahmedabad Mirror

Mirror 26.2.14

Exercise your stress away

As students appearing for board exams deal with the stress, Mirror speaks to experts for alternative stress-busting techniques

With board exams beginning on March 1, students appearing for these crucial exams are feeling the heat. Competition and parental pressure add to their tension, making these students vulnerable to stress. Mirror speaks to some experts, seeking techniques and ideas to help the students deal with the exam stress.

Psychiatrist Dr. Hansal Bhachech feels the most important thing for a student is to be rid of anxiousness before entering the examination hall.
He recommends that a student utilize the ten minute warm-up time, before supervisors give the question paper, for some quick brain exercises. “Students need to have a presence of mind while writing their exams. For this, they need to sleep well and avoid discussing topics they have not revised. It merely adds to stress. Moreover, the brain needs time to integrate information so students should avoid last minute revisions.”
» Count backwards from 300 for one minute

» Subtract 2 from 300 and count backwards for a minute

» Subtract 3 from 300 and count backwards

» Select one colour, make a mental list of objects in that colour

» Identify one shape, make a list of objects of that shape

» Breathing exercise
(by Dr Hansal Bhachech)

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  1. rajendra

    February 27, 2014 at 10:03 am

    Saheb last minutes tips before marriage lakho ne


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