Guys who think they’re hot are actually a turn-off?!

You will find this interesting 🙂

Out of innumerable statements made by celebrities, in public or media, very few make sense. Recently, I came across one of such statements; made by an American singer, songwriter and television personality Nicole Scherzinger. She said ‘Guys who think they’re hot are a turn-off’. Most of women agree with her and men will wonder ‘why?!’ This will be a shocker for men, particularly those who think themselves ‘hot’!

In fact, there is nothing to be shocked about. Women always yearn for faithful, trustworthy and sober guy. Men, who think that they are hot, do not fall in this frame. Such men, because they think they are hot, likely to involve in polygamy more easily. As such men are polygamous by nature and this thinking worsens their stand on faithfulness. For women, trust and faithfulness is ‘turn on’, while these men fail to create such feelings in their mind, naturally women feel insecure with them and they are ‘turn off’ for them!!
Mind well, I’m not saying that these men are not trustworthy but I have decoded the statement and psyche behind it 🙂

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  1. Phalguni says:

    So true!

  2. Dhaval says:

    I agree, But I usually see the odd behaviors of the girls too…. They want “Women always yearn for faithful, trustworthy and sober guy” but only in Husbands… once she found that she park him a side (and not care for him) and will always complain that you are not looking that smart…. Now a days woman are more inclined towards handsome then these feelings because they so called “In Security” is not there as they started earning so….. I Will say it’s impossible to identify what’s Turn On… or Off…. my experience says that (I am a husband) girls never get “Turn On” they are cold by nature and always unsatisfied doesn’t matter what she get….. this is my personal experience with my wife and other friends.

    Recently, one of my best friend (Female) (earning 50,000/- per month) is attracted to a guy who is looking hot and not earning much…. before she told me that he is so handsome and good and alll… she will change him and all…. now the both get engaged and now she is complaining that he is not earning much… and taking benefits from her…. I told her same thing before but she never agreed to it….

    Frankly I don’t trust girls….. they are marvelous complex chemical error created by god after which god him self stops doing any experiment due to such disaster!!! 🙂 and running to fix the things….

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