Ad Mad 5… Instead of Ad, this time about fooling show on TV :)

Ad mad

Instead of Ad, this time about fooling show on TV 🙂


Mallika Sherawat’s FAKE DATING show ‘Bachelorette’ started yesterday

She said in her promotional interview….

1. I’m lonely and through this show I will search for a love!!

Oh shit! Till today, We, Indian fools, were believing that love just happens and it is not something we go on searching from applicants 🙂

Dear, it’s about the huge money you will pocket, and little to do with finding love.

2. It does not promise marriage

Well, why you should promise that?!! However, it has promised you 30 crore rupees and much more earning to the channel.

3. I already have name, fame, money, so that’s not important to me. What importantly look for in Mr. Right  is his intention.

C’mon, with the image you have, you know what intentions most of Indian males have for you!

4. I haven’t even dated. No one has appealed to me.

Is it?! You have roamed around the world and in best of the crowd no one has appealed to you then how you will find an appeal in these average applicants?

5. I think Narendra Modi is the most eligible bachelor in the country. I wanted him to make an appearance on the show.

Why him?! to increase TRP of your show or just to feel that you are desirable for the man who is admired by many, all over the world!

But you don’t worry, we Indians have lots of time and curiosity, surely you will fetch good viewership 🙂


What is AD Mad?

4 Comments Add yours

  1. shruti says:

    rofel….gud 1 doctor:)

  2. Divyang Thakore says:

    You are extremely right Doctor.
    Which fool is going to believe Mallika’s bullshit?

  3. Vijay Prajapati says:

    Yaehhh,its right sir

  4. Ashihs says:

    Ha ha ha, sir aapne to six pe six mari hai, very good marking sir

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