Sunny Leone proved me right again :)))

I’ve been posting actively on this blog from 21st July 2012. During this one year, I have posted 75 posts and this blog was read by 21,960 readers i.e. on average 60 persons are reading it daily.

A day before Yesterday; I wrote post about Sunny Leone and to my pleasant surprise 602 readers read it in just six hours!! Thanks to Sunny Leone, she proved me right again (How about making her brand-ambassador of this blog 😛 😛 😛 )

This proves me right in my earlier statement, though we criticize controversial people publicly but would always remain curious about them in privacy 🙂 🙂 Most of the celebrities( of any field; actors, sports persons, politicians, Journalists, Authors, Painters etc.) know this and that is why when they want to seek an attention, for any gain, they creates controversy 🙂 🙂

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  1. rajesh dua says:

    I think controvrrsy alone can’t create this poularity as v all know about controversy queen Rakhi Sawant, may we have not seen her since long.

    1. I believe, Rakhi got more attention than what she deserved because of controversy.
      She lost it because of her attitude and bad language 🙂

      1. dr.k.k.desai says:

        no, she lost it because the controversy is like a fast sprint , you cannot run for long with fast speed. you get tired soon.

  2. Rajan Thakkar says:

    whatever bt sometimes true talent needs attention bt if one only have talent tht persn might nt get opportunity to show talent, i think at tht time controversy is needed…
    nd again by only controversy u cn get attention bt if one dnt have talent, tht persn ll b thrown out just like Rakhi…
    so sirji u cn sign sunny for brand ambassador of this blog 😉
    well thats what i thinks…

  3. Dhaval says:

    I guess it is also because, something we would like to know about the thing that we show as taboo in public but also curious to get into that…..

    same thing like sex, we were accept it in our ancient times it as a part of life and hence we were best in that even we have books for it and temples for it as well…. but because we started to or I will say taught to think it taboo, since then we are more curious about it then to really accept it… I guess it’s human nature…. you will attracted to it when few peoples stops you for it specially your elders just to either your self right or to experience the same thing that you elders did….

    1. dr.k.k.desai says:

      there is constant in and out flow of energy in our body. outflow at most primitive level is sex, or achievement by rude physical strength ( tamasik flow ) , in rajasik flow it is activity of all kinds , and at satvik level , it is in the form of thought .we cannot control outflow. try it. for a moment try to stop your thinking , you will not be able to do so. that exactly is the principle of yog and meditation.control of mind and body ( chitt vrutti nirodh ) is the essence. if one gets successful energy rises to higher level. when one do not achieve the outflow at rajsik and satvik level, it is in the form of sex with or without permission ( rape on easy catch ). so, though i do not have any taboo for sex and consider it as one of the most important part of human life, it is not great achievement that somebody should honoured as brand ambassador.

  4. chiluka says:

    May be first reason is curiosity – people wants to know more about everything .. mainly about controversial thing and that to =controversy related female – see I read first time after reading some names like Sunny , Rakhi.. ( who says only male – female too following female first just to check how good she is
    than her 🙂 🙂

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