Sunny Leone proved me right :) :)

Who told you that our psyche has changed with modernization?!! I don’t think that I will agree to this. In fact, we have learned to express in an acceptable way but internal instincts are same. As I see, there are three types of people. One, who blindly follow their instinct rather than what is acceptable (social norms). We call them crazy, abnormal, fanatic, rebellious, obsessed etc. Most of the time, they don’t care about society. Second, who are exactly opposite to previous. They follow social norms rigidly considering their instincts as a sin. We call them straight-forward, bookish, God-fearing etc. Most of the time, they care about the society more than self. However, majority falls in third category. They nurture instinct within and express it in privacy. While publicly, they tactfully control their instincts and behave in a socially acceptable way! Ideally one should call them hypocrite but because majority of us fall in this category, we call them practical people 🙂 🙂

Today, Sunny Leone proved me right 🙂 🙂


Sunny Leone was searched 3.5 crore times in June 2013, which is higher than all other stars from India, as per the cumulative data gathered from Google, YouTube and The Times of India website. Katrina Kaif is in second place with 1.85 crore searches i.e almost half!! While in celebrity index, which is publicly decided, Katerina is on number one and Sunny is on number sixteen! Verdict is clear, we admire beautiful women publicly but prefers erotic one in privacy.


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  1. shailaja. thakkar says:

    Sir,I wonder how can you read mind of people so correctly? If there any tips please share with us.

    1. That’s my profession :))

  2. hiren panchal says:

    hats of u sir!!

  3. Haresh Patel says:

    અમુક ચીલા ચાલુ માણસોએ (so called intellectual) ચાલાકી ને હોશિયારી માં ખપાવી
    દીધી ત્યારથી ચાલાકી હોશિયારી નો પર્યાય બની ગઈ તેવુજ term “hypocracy” & “practical”
    ના case થઇ રહ્યું છે.

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