Review of Ship Of Theseus

04 Aug

Review of Ship of Theseus


‘Object, which has all its part replaced remains fundamentally the same object?’ is a paradoxical question raised by Greek Philosopher Plutarch in late first century. The work was Life of Theseus (supposed to be a king who found Athens) and paradox is known as Theseus’s paradox. Movie has used this paradox as a subtle theme and that’s how got its name ‘Ship of Theseus’. When your body organs are changed, you remain a same person or changed? Transformed?!!

Movie has created paradoxical responses in my mind. Immediate response was ‘Excellent theme narrated in very slow and lengthy route’. However delayed response, obviously more matured and thoughtful, was ‘Excellent theme narrated very slowly to ensure deep penetration in your heart and lengthy to convince the logic to your mind’. Paradox of three lives, an intuitive photographer, an ailing monk and stockbroker obsessed with money-making is crafted well in storyline. Connection between these three protagonists makes the end thought-provoking and effective.

Strong logic laden dialogues, wonderful cinematography, at times disturbing close-ups, natural sound track etc. adds to paradox. True world cinema by Aanand Gandhi as it sounds relevant to all corners of the world.

Sidhi baat no bakwas:

Film is not for masses (so it is running in very few shows) and even not for classes (lady sitting beside me was a doctor, unknown to me, she kept on commenting how boring it was and she left the theater half an hour before the end!). Not for viewers who watch the movie for three things, entertainment, entertainment and entertainment :))

Film is for those who like to think, introspect and stimulate their mind. It will leave you heavy and thoughtful at the end.

Movie Wisdom:

  1. Intuition and Imagination is much stronger than Instrument and Actual. Mind’s eye is more intuitive and imaginative.
  2. Rather than a pain, suffering of someone disturbs us more so we sympathize their suffering more than an actual pain.
  3. Paradox has no right or wrong, it has a choice 🙂

Disclaimer :  🙂

I’m not a paid or commercial movie critic. This share is to help like-minded friends for spending their money and time effectively :)



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