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Review of Ghanchakkar



When you keep on plucking rose petals in an ambiguity of ‘Love me’ ‘Love me not’, finally what you are left with is stalk without rose! ‘Ghanchakkar’ is a stalk left in dilemma of creating Humor or Thriller 🙂 To me, Rajkumar Gupta has failed to create any of this two effectively.  Very slow paced, overstretched and abruptly ended, just like his earlier movie ‘No one killed Jessica’. Even with a fresh idea, screen play stutters because of weak treatment.

When screen play is weak and great stars are involved people tend to praise performances. However, nothing to praise here, Imran and Vidhya are ok like, Rajesh and Namit are good.

Sidhi baat no bakvaas:

Movie is worth morning show and that too in week days 🙂 🙂

It will be soon on TV, wait if you want to save your money…

Movie Wisdom:

(1) Failing memory is double edged sword, you can take certain advantages in your favor and at the same time; others can take advantages in their favor 🙂

(2) Mother-in law and Daughter-in law always knows each-other very well; only guys are baffled between them 🙂 🙂

(3) When you have poor memory, you tend to connect what you have remembered and end result will be rigid beliefs and suspicions.

Disclaimer :  🙂

I’m not a paid or commercial movie critic. This share is to help like-minded friends for spending their money and time effectively :)


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Ahmedabad records alarming 30% jump in suicides in 2012

Ahmedabad records alarming 30% jump in suicides in 2012

State Sees 11.4% Rise In Suicides

Parth Shastri | TNN 

Ahmedabad:The city is on the edge,its people getting more desperate.Accident Deaths and Suicides in India -2012 ,a report of the National Crime Records Bureau released recently,Ahmedabad has recorded an alarming 30% jump in the number of people committing suicide.As many as 614 people killed themselves in 2012,compared to 470 in 2011.And many of them were youngsters.
As a whole,Gujarat recorded a 11.4% jump in suicides with 7,110 people ending their lives in 2012.Rajkot emerged as the suicide hot spot recording the third highest suicide rate of 30.5% in India.
Surprisingly,maximum Gujaratis who abruptly ended their journey of life were young 40% were between 15 and 29.Ahmedabad nosed ahead here too with 44%.The statistic reflects in the shocking death of post graduate medical student Dr Shail Buch,24,who told his father he was coming home but threw himself in front of a train instead.
Of all suicide,4,362 were men (61%) and 2,748 women (39%).Housewives were the biggest casualty of the wave of depression and anxiety engulfing the people and were one-fourth of the suicide victims in Gujarat.
Self-employed people,including businessmen,professionals and traders were the second most stressed group with 23.5% killing themselves.Family problems also led people to the noose 18% of suicide victims ended their lives,fed up with family problems.Illnesses,failed love affairs,unemployment and failure in exams constituted most cited reasons for taking the extreme step.
Experts said there are several reasons for high suicide rate.Gujarat is being projected as most developed state in India but opportunities are not growing as per the hype.Frustration is rising,opportunities are shrinking, said psychiatrist Dr Hansal Bhachech.

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Fukrey is beyond tested flavors of Bollywood, story has newness. Comedy is subtle and fresh, at times hilarious, particularly chuche’s dreams…  Relatively fresh faces have done well. It may look slow initially but grips you gradually. As a movie lover, I feel that screen-play had tremendous scope and would have been much better with more imaginations.

I like the name ‘Fukrey’, good for nothing 🙂

It made me to relate with certain people I have met in my life and that too brought smile on my face!!

Sidhi baat no bakvaas:

Film is entertaining and good time-pass. It will definitely make you laugh.

Movie Wisdom:

Remember, it’s a movie! Here, ‘fukre’ gets what they wanted but in life outcome is different J

Impatience, dreaming out of capacity, preferring shortcuts and hiding facts are common tendencies of teen agers.

Disclaimer :  🙂

I’m not a paid or commercial movie critic. This share is to help like-minded friends for spending their money and time effectively 🙂

Review of Fukrey


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