Times of India interview on 25th May 2013

26 May


Internet, electronic gadgets burn bridges in families


times of india 25



Ahmedabad: Eight-year-old Palash gets irked when his grandfather asks him to join for a game of chess. Busy playing on his play station, he finds his grandfather’s nudge to come play with him a disturbance. Earlier, he used to ignore his grandfather. Off late, he has also started answering back and telling his grandpa not to disturb him.     Similarly, 10-year-old Mihir seldom speaks to his uncles and aunts when he goes to visit them. He is busy playing on his tablet which his parents gifted him on his seventh birthday. What started as an attraction has now become a distraction!     Experts say that once hooked to their mobile phones, I-pads, tablets and PSPs, the younger generation is getting further distant from their families. While communication gap was a problem till sometime back, now, communication has almost broken down in most homes.     “I routinely get cases where parents complain that the children have become anti-social and show complete disinterest in communicating with family members. This is more so with grandparents who cannot accept that their grandchild does not wish to listen to their stories and play cards with them as he is busy playing games on the mobile phone and internet”, says psycho-analyst Dr Smitha Gouthi. Dr Gouthi said that too much of focus on playing online is also leading to children losing their ability to make small conversation. “Many children are losing their ability to make small talk and answer only in monosyllables. This needs to be corrected”, says Gouthi.     “We get cases where children don’t respond to parents calling them. They reply more promptly when called on ‘Whatsapp’ than verbally! Parents should take care not to introduce mobile phones and tablets to children below ten years,” says psychiatrist Dr Hansal Bhachech.

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