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Review of Drama ‘102 Not out’

102 Not out

What a concept?! Innovative and thought-provoking, I’m sure it will change your attitude towards life and aging, if it will touch you in a right way.

Very important facts told in hilarious manner and light yet strong dialogues. Fantastic performances by all actors.

Sidhi baat, no bakvaas:

Even if you do not get stimulated for transformation, entertainment is guaranteed. MUST WATCH

Drama Wisdom:

1. Physical aging is inevitable, Mental aging is optional.

2. To defy age, have a purpose in life.

3. Accept and keep pace with a change to stay youthful.

4. Stay away from things and people who remind you of your age, constantly !

Disclaimer 🙂 
I’m not a paid or commercial movie/drama critic. This share is to help like-minded friends for spending their money and time effectively 🙂



Reviewing Drama from it’s stage…


Reviewing Drama on the Sets

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Ad Mad 3

Ad mad

From Tuesday to Sunday: Have severe arguments, abuse each-other and show up utmost aggression….
On Monday: Exchange your mobile…

Your marital problem solved 🙂

Now I’ve realized that secret of long married life is ‘not using same mobile models'(so even your children cannot exchange it!) 😛 😛 😛

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Find out how young you are at heart… :P

If you have listened Bollywood item numbers of recent time then you will enjoy this post……

In fact, this post will tell you how young you are at heart… 😛
If you can spot all the songs of this poem, you are very young at heart 🙂 🙂 🙂
Tell me how many are there ?!!

मर्द बेचारा क्या करे?!

रास्ते मे खड़ी बिजली की वजह से धीरे चले,

या फिर बेबो का दिल लेने दोड़ पड़े ?!

गुंडों में फंसी रज़िया को बचाए,

या फिर अगबाई के हल्ले से बचे ?!

अपने लिए बदनाम मुन्नी के बारे में सोचे,

या फिर डिस्को चली अनारकली के पीछे जाए ?!

फ्लोर पर पार्टीगर्ल राधा के साथ नाचे,

या फिर सब की लेला का मज़ा ले ?!

छोरो की नियत ख़राब करनेवाली हलकट जवानी को देखे,

या फिर हाथ न आनेवाली शिला की जवानी को चाहे ?!

पौआ चढ़ा के आई चिकनी चमेली से खेले,

या फिर कितनो के दम निकालने वाली जलेबीबाई से ?!

मर्द बेचारा बड़ा कन्फ्यूज, करे भी तो क्या करे?!

शरीफ बनना चाहें लाख मगर; अब लो आ गई बबली,

‘न बन शरीफ तू, बबली बदमाश है’!!

और हो गया मर्द बदमाश तो लैला लिख के ले गई!!

मर्द बेचारा करे भी तो क्या करे, दिल की तो लग गई 😛 😛 😛

डॉ.हंसल भचेच


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Review of Nautanki Saala

Nautanki Saala

I have been posting movie reviews on face-book but now onwards will be posting on my blog, Enjoy….

Nautanki Saala

NS is cola without fizz, even if you don’t mind drinking it, you will miss satisfying burp! Rohan Sippy had a scope to make it much better, I guess.
Although it’s amusing in its run, at times you feel the movie flat and slow. Few scenes are humorous and very natural in its occurrence.

Movie is more of character driven than action. Aayushymaan is natural, Kunal is good but producer of ‘Ravan lila’ is too good. Pooja and Evelyn are ok. Sound track is romantic and enjoyable.

Sidhi baat no bakvas:

Film is enjoyable and good time pass. Go on week days to get your money worth.

Movie wisdom:

1. Playing God in someone’s life may take toll on yours.
2. Be careful in handling emotionally vulnerable girls, they fall for you easily and you can also get carried away, sometimes.
3. In relationship trust and honesty works, ‘Nautanki’ doesn’t!

Disclaimer :)))
I’m not a paid or commercial movie critic. This share is to help like-minded friends for spending their money and time effectively 🙂


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Ad Mad 2

Ad mad

Those were the days, when glass of milk studded with Badam-Pista-Kesar was essential on honeymoon night !
 Now all you have to do is to remove ‘Dhakkan’ before you remove bride’s ghunghta because then you will be able to do some ‘TUFANI’ 🙂 🙂
Kyun ki ‘TUFAN’ sab ke andar hota hai bas ‘Dhakkan’ hatane ki der hai 🙂 🙂

Girls, be aware of your BF opening ‘Dhakkan’ while you are on date with him….

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Ad Mad


We all know that most of the advertisements are fooling us round the year and not just on April fool’s day. Ad Mad is a tweet column(column as short as tweet!) I’m starting from today i.e. April 1st 2013, which is in fact satire on fooling ads.

If you have beautiful hot looking wife then make sure that gentleman in your neighborhood is not using deodorant 🙂 🙂

And if you are a type, who want girls in your arms without ‘zik zik’ then don’t forget to use deodorant 🙂 🙂 


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