05 Dec

‘When Sachin should get retire?’, beating all other vital questions nation is facing today, has become most important question for our people!! This has remind me one of my old article about when to take exit.
For readers, I’m rebloging that article…. Hope you will enjoy reading it….

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Today morning, while reading a news paper, my wife was laughing. Now, this was a surprise to me as our news papers barely have news which can make you smile, even. “What makes you laugh?” I could not resist myself to ask her almost instantly. She showed me a news titled ‘Ravan ran after Ram denying to get killed in Ramlila !’ Title itself was interesting and I started reading the matter underneath. It was about Ramlila celebration on Dashera. As all we know ‘Ramlila’ is a form of a street play narrating Ramayan. Ravan gets killed by Lord Ram and that is how ‘Ramlila’ gets end, this is absolutely clear in viewers as well as actors mind at all points of the time.  In this ‘Ramlila’ after getting praise for his acting Ravan went ecstatic and denied to get killed by Ram. Even after continuous instructions from producer he…

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