Five Habits of Women That Men Find Annoying…..

02 Nov

Call it a manufacturing defect but men can rarely express their emotions earnestly. Even if they try, the emotions are not expressed as poetically or profoundly as women. Men have a natural inclination towards logic and often tend to show their dislike for certain emotional weaknesses of women. Any woman who desires a healthy relationship with a man has to pay heed to these dislikes and try to overcome them. Once successful, such women can work magic on men and rest assured their men will follow them like a shadow in the sunlight. Researchers of Harvard University have come out with these findings.
When asked about the most annoying habit of women employees, the officers pointed their finger to the habit of crying. No man (or even a woman) ever likes to see a woman shedding tears. A man may sympathize and may try to console her but at the bottom of his heart he finds it irritating. Every woman who tries to use her ability to cry as a weapon, must keep in mind that she may succeed in winning the sympathy on an occasion or two but in the long run she will find herself a loser. Gradually she loses the sympathy and respect. It is quite natural for a woman to give vent to her emotions by crying, but she has to exercise wisdom in choosing the right place, the right time and the right person. Simultaneously, men must understand that every time a woman bursts into tears, it is not an effort for ‘emotional blackmailing’.
Undoubtedly, women are capable of expressing their emotions honestly but the problem is that the expression is often found prosaic. She may not say anything openly but may suggest her feelings in her tender ways. On her husband’s birthday, she would wear that new sari that she has so lovingly preserved for this special occasion but the husband miserably fails to notice that it is a new one and that she has got ready for him. Some smart guy may notice it easily but then he fails to understand why she has taken the trouble of wearing new clothes. The whole purpose of her effort stands defeated and she feels utterly disappointed and hurt. She begins to interpret that her husband is no longer interested in her and that the old enthusiasm and romance has faded for ever. Men, on the other hand, admit that this kind of poetic expression baffles them. They insist that the expressions should be straight-forward, down to earth, so that they leave no room for any interpretations.The expression and its misinterpretation trigger off quarrels. This does not mean that a woman must shed all her art, but she has to modify her expressions keeping in view the preference and level of understanding of her husband. Some men (very few, to be honest), however, understand and appreciate the subtlety and beauty of women’s lyrical expressions.
Whenever women are unhappy on any issue, they have a tendency to look at the past events and dig out the old, forgotten scars and wounds. Men do not like to carry the dead burden of the past events, so they are naturally annoyed by this tendency. They show their strong dislikes describing it the wife playing the same old, worn-out record again and again. It is advisable that instead of harping about the shocking past events, women learn the art of living in the present.
Men often fail to resist the temptation of staring at women other than their wives. It is said that they do have roving eyes. Now, it infuriate the woman at once but men label such hue and cry as the wive’s nagging tendency to make ‘a mountain out of a mole-hill.’ In these circumstances, it is advisable that women restrain their indignation and follow the policy of wait and watch. No woman ever likes anyone staring at her like a fool. Such man will be automatically disliked by that woman because of his tendency to stare! The other thing that women must bear in mind is that the formula of ‘love at first sight’ works its magic only in adolescence and in youth; it falls flat as one matures. So, women should not doubt his gaze all the time and nag him on the issue. At the same time, men must avoid making futile attempts to play the role of a Roadside Romeo at an mature age.
Men are accused of committing a serious offence of forgetting important dates like birthdays, marriage anniversaries or the first-time-we-met day!Good at filing Income Tax returns on time, men often find themselves trapped in an embarrassing situation when the list of forgotten things include something as important as the date of wedding anniversary or the birthday of their wife. Here they are destined to face fire-brand reactions. In the survey of the most annoying habits of women, these reactions find a prominent place. It may sound like the pot calling the kettle black but women must not feel worried. They may like to behave a little more skilfully here. Start reminding your husband of the date of important occasions well in advance. He may take these repeated reminders as constant hammering but still it is worth doing. Men cannot, of course, wash their hands off by terming forgetfullness as a ‘natural flaw’. ’ With the availability of a number of electronic devices, to remind oneself of a particular date is no longer a difficult thing at all. One can easily remember such dates if he is really keen to remember and if he doesn’t term it as a mere sentimentality.
The research work of the most annoying habits of women has put these conclusions on our table. After reading this article, men may feel that their cries for help have been heard at last and they may make their wives read these five things carefully. But chances are that women may counter saying that they too have a list of the most disturbing habits of men, so will they take the initiative to get rid of them?
This article is not intended to spark off any controversy or make you blame each other but it is an effort to help you lead you to a happy married life. By sticking to these annoying habits, men and women can remain confined to a narrow definition of a ‘typical wife’ or a ‘typical husband.’ But the actual understanding of the defects of your own nature will certainly enable you to soar high above this narrow tunnel and you will find new horizons of happiness unfolding around you.


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12 responses to “Five Habits of Women That Men Find Annoying…..

  1. Dr.Prakash Patel

    November 2, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    It’ TRUE…….

  2. Dr Jyoti Kalpesh Hathi

    November 2, 2012 at 1:45 pm

    right sir

  3. jiturajgor

    November 2, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Dear Sir, this really is a good article to ponder. Points are well researched and nearly true. Being a silent feminist I want to add that most of the perceptions and beliefs for women’s nature or anything about them are created, developed and maintained by us, men. Since stone age we ruled the every moving and non moving objects of this universe. We created religions,culture,society,norms,laws,myths,beliefs which suits us and protect our one line motto ‘ Obey,or get punished.’ I hope I do not sound rude, but if if you think about it in a micro scale, may be you will find me true.
    I always like your writing. Thanks for the posting.
    ‘Jitu Rajgor’
    Dr.JItendra Rajgor, Chandkheda

    • CA Indresh

      November 3, 2012 at 10:17 am

      Thanks. I really liked your observation. I feel women is the strongest person in terms of emotion, adjustments and they are capable of handling any type of situation.

      While handling so many thing at a time they don’t find any support, they shed some of their tears and become more strong. Their tears are like boiling milk. It just comes up and they cry but didn’t expect that somebody will come and wipe their tears.

      If by any reason man cries woman will do all the possible thing that the same kind of situation should never arise. But the irony is if she cries no one values it and the same is called as the weakness of the woman or blackmailing trick.

      But if you observe tears are the self power or strength of the woman for herself as she prepares herself more stronger to face the situation by shedding some of tears.

      Second thing women have always been a more hardworking person and multi-tasker since stone age. If we look back woman have worked more than men whether they are literate or illiterate.

      I think very few MAN will have the same opinion as of yours on the above topic.

  4. ushma

    November 2, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    agreed to al the thngs u said about women. . N i find that women only wants 2 thngs frm them 1)respect for wat they r from the bf/husband (sme women r still ther who finds or rather say always search 4 dis in eyes of his men) 2)always reminding husband that how much he loves/feels 4 her, n how secial she it. . What she means to him 3)also advice men+women on how to handle the egoistic , possesive behavior of their partners n making them realise where they r going wrong n how to cum out of such situation.

  5. Rachana

    November 2, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    Dear Sir!!..Really a good article. This again proves clearly your deep understanding of human behaviour!!

    Would like to share something from my experience.
    1. Women many a times cry in front of boss not to blackmail him but they just cannot control their emotions at that time. They are naturally not very equipped to control it, though it comes with experience. Crying as an outburst of emotion also happens with many men in the office scenario. I have myself seen some men of high rank crying in such situations. And in either case, I agree that it becomes annoying.

    2. Regarding, forgetful habits of men of special occasions, I somehow feel that women should not nag them regarding this. In fact, they should gift him on those special occasions and do whatever she expects in return….Many such moments will make her men realize that he should also be giving back and a year will definitely come when he will make her feel special….It took me almost 5 years to get a gift from my husband on our anniversary :)…So I feel, it works.

    Again a great work!!! Looking forward to read more write ups!!


    • CA Indresh

      November 3, 2012 at 10:25 am

      Well said Rachana.

  6. Shah Deepali

    November 2, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    v nice artical .

  7. mahesh modi

    November 2, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    i can still add some more but dr bhachech me u r doing great work towards not only man but all mankind is really appreciative work done by u .. women are really good at doing great but worst at mistake !! we men r also emotional but intellectual …where as women !!!! omg….. thats it..they may be socially correct but practically.!!!!!!!! noways ..noways..thanks for such a note ..i hope u should make a regular move to reach towards society by being a psychiatrists regularly .it will be helpful big ways .. .mahesh modi

    • mahesh modi

      November 2, 2012 at 9:14 pm

      i like to answer to rachna’s first point is not emotion who burst is ego ..ya ego k how can u tell me this n that or infront of others ? they never try to understand that right or wrong ???!!!! just cry !!!office or home it is not a institute where boss has to explain good n bad individually everytime ..when behavioral or technical problem …ok if it is highly personal problem it shold be discuss individually …. by the way more then 70% behavior pattern in crunch or loosing position n women r always same to me..atlist men says sorry ..but women made u to say sorry to her !!!!! that’s it .. mahesh modi ..(any discussion will appreciated..)

  8. mahesh modi

    November 2, 2012 at 9:22 pm

    one really interesting analysis i did k …i accept 60% women r looser by say 50 % fr men side ..but 40%men r looser by say 200% ..n i really mean it .. (comment after discussion will appreciated )

  9. Dharmesh Patadiya

    November 3, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    I agree with these things. I think these problems are part of evolution process. How can we rectify it? Any solution? As I understand, something present due to evolution can not be rectified. Suppose if men has tendency of being logical, and it was necessary for hunting at the time of evolution, then you can not remove his analytic mind in just 50 or 100 years. It is 1,50,000 year old process. What is the solution of this? How can we give this solution to our generation? Since the society is a kind of system, this skills has to be weave to system. How can we weave it in to any system?


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