Pornography, things which one should know !


On the eve of November 19th, Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone made her entry into the Big Boss House in traditional Indian attire. Her entry has soared up the TRP ratings of the show, as expected by channel. Well, if we consider this as Sunny’s effect then there is side effect too. With her entry not only TRP, but traffic on porn sites has also gone up! Curiosity laden people’s search about Sunny on the net has landed them on various porn sites. Unfortunately, children and teenagers are most unwelcomed in this network and now they are the most among new comers. Its trap, worst trap that affects young minds the most. Only prevention that works is an education about it. Few very important things, one should know about pornography, is discussed here with aim of preventing young minds slipping into porn addiction.

It’s organized and rapidly growing huge industry

Pornography, by definition, is printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity. People use pornography for sexual arousal, psycho-sensual pleasure and erotic satisfaction.  Pornography may use any of a variety of media, ranging from books, magazines, postcards, photos, sculpture, drawing, painting, animation, sound recording, film, video, or video game. After a vast usage of information and communication devices like internet, smart phones, tablets, satellite discs etc it has penetrated much deeper in the society than one can think. Moreover, with the emergence of social attitudes more tolerant of sexuality scene is really getting worst.

 What is wrong in watching porn, isn’t it a matter of personal choice?

One can argue that watching porn is a private behavior which society has no business interfering with. May be, but when it has social consequences, it is a matter of social concern. Like smoking, alcohol or other illicit substance use, it not only harms the individuals, but has harmful effects on those around them and society.

 So tell me why I should not be watching porn?!

Pornography is addictive and may result into sort of compulsion that interferes with daily life. It may start with ‘simply enjoying’ and proceed towards having compulsion to watch it at any cost for stimulation, pleasure or satisfaction. That’s beyond voluntary control! Pornography has shown to have profound effect on human mind. It can lead to anti-social attitudes and behavior. Male viewers tend to be more aggressive towards women and  learn to treat them as sexual object than an equally important human being. It has serious adverse effects on beliefs about sexuality in general and on attitudes toward women in particular. Pornography encourages a desire for increasingly deviant materials as well as acting out what they have seen; which in turn leads men and women to experience conflict, suffering, and sexual dissatisfaction.

Pornography affects your mental faculties too!

Porn over users has difficulties in concentrating in other tasks (students lack concentration in studies), remain aggressive (particularly towards women), forceful intrusion of sexual images or erotic thoughts while doing other mental activities, disinterest and boredom, shame, guilt, fear or even nightmares.

 It promotes myths and psycho-sexual disorders

Pornography is lie; it promotes falsehoods about men, women and human relationships. It uses lot of camera techniques, Computer-generated images and digital manipulations (some pornography is produced without human actors at all!!) to seduce vulnerable to its maximum. However, while attempt to aim so it promotes myths about size of male sexual organ, men and women’s body, timings and vigor of sexual act, acceptance of deviation from normal acts and willingness to engage in sexual activity. It can also lead to premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or delayed orgasm. It may reduce one’s interest in actual act and end up in more interest in watching it to get desired satisfaction.

You are addicted to porn if…

1. You find yourself using a great deal of porn or when you think that you are addicted to porn
2. You often look at porn rather than other things that are not porn
3. You avoid study or work so that you can look at porn
4. You look at porn while at work
5. You crave to watch porn and remain irritated or restless when you are not able to watch it for some     reason
6. You hide your porn habit from your friends and family
7. You no longer feel the need to hide your porn habit from friends and family

8. You keep on watching same porn repeatedly
9. You get more satisfaction from porn than actual sexual act
10. You have paid for internet porn.

No one is immune to pornography

Whether one likes it or not, the fact is no age is immuneto pornography. However, because of ignorance, lack of experience, curiosity, impulsivity and immaturity children and teens are more affected by its negative effects. Moreover, one is more likely to hook to forbidden things and so they are. Because men are more visually stimulated than women, men statistically watch more porn than women. When women watch porn, they prefer soft porn with some definite story and romance as compare to hardcore porn, mostly preferred by men. Some couple use porn wisely to stimulate their act. Individual may use it to seduce their partners and few use to propose or harass.

How one can get rid of porn addiction

One has to seriously consider about getting rid of porn, if one think that s/he is overusing porn and/or the habit is affecting one’s relationship, sexual life, work front or any other important aspect of the life. Self-control is the prime requirement if one wishes to come out of the trap. One has to engage oneself into more meaningful activities, which may require loads of efforts; at least initially. Finally, never hesitate to take psychiatrist’s help when one fails to acquire control on their own. 

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  1. jignesh rathod says:

    nice one..

  2. Dr Ankit N Thakker. says:

    “Mid way” is very difficult. To walk on midway require 100 percent awareness. Our mind has tendency to slip on either side. “Upwas” and “overeating” both are extreme ends of normal human hunger. Initial event there must be “hunger” than you eat any food is good.
    As food is tasty and you are eating just because of taste is wrong. SAME APPLY TO ANY HUMAN INSTINCT.
    Mind is so complex and we are using that technique so many times ” dukhe pet and kute mathu ”
    When in stress we believe that all these things as “stress buster” from here starts all problem.
    You take tobacco, alcohol, sexual perversion anything…..

  3. young man says:

    you wrote it Just perfect.

  4. Dushyant says:

    Dear Hansal,after Delhi gang rape i was thinking that we should have a system like Amsterdam and Govt. should allow legalised prostitution.

  5. Reblogged this on Dr.Hansal Bhachech's Blog and commented:

    Recently government goofed on pornography ban and ended publishing list of more than 800 porn-sites :))
    I think reblog of this article will be an interesting read…

  6. Nilesh Bhatt says:

    Nice & Technically best explanatory article, This is helps to addicted to understand what they are doing, why they are doing & what they are getting from it. Sir Please give article in “Tari & Mari Vat ” in Gujarat Samachar for the above subject.

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