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Real success of the life…..

Today morning, while reading a news paper, my wife was laughing. Now, this was a surprise to me as our news papers barely have news which can make you smile, even. “What makes you laugh?” I could not resist myself to ask her almost instantly. She showed me a news titled ‘Ravan ran after Ram denying to get killed in Ramlila !’ Title itself was interesting and I started reading the matter underneath. It was about Ramlila celebration on Dashera. As all we know ‘Ramlila’ is a form of a street play narrating Ramayan. Ravan gets killed by Lord Ram and that is how ‘Ramlila’ gets end, this is absolutely clear in viewers as well as actors mind at all points of the time.  In this ‘Ramlila’ after getting praise for his acting Ravan went ecstatic and denied to get killed by Ram. Even after continuous instructions from producer he was rather running after Ram with a sword and ‘Ramlila’ has to end with leaving Ravan alive, probably first time in the history!

Of course that was funny, but it got stuck in my mind. I started thinking about Raju, an actor who played ‘Ravan’ in that ‘Ramlila’. If we think microscopically then this news was not about ‘Ravan’ but Raju’s psyche. He denied to accept predefined exit because of mere appreciation of his acting. If we go more minuscule then Raju is in fact a representative any one of us. It seems to be human tendency. Whenever we get praise for something we tend to go on and on, ignoring predefined exit. Just think about politicians, actors or cricketers denying to get retired or to take back seat. Most of the time we have to push them out or force their curtain down. When anyone accepts the role of ‘Ravan’ in ‘Ramlila’, mutually accept his exit at the end. Similarly when we assume any role in life, we have to be prepared to quit actively at predefined point, giving way to young people to take over.  Of course assuming back seat is not retirement and you can be always a guiding source to upcoming youth.

Those who have performed averagely take their exit almost compulsively and live with lot of dissatisfaction. They fear death. But those who have taken a graceful exit after their excellence, death hold no fear for them. It is liberation in style. Make your contribution worthwhile and take the exit at the right time is a real success of the life…..


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Why do men become dumb in the presence of attractive women?!

Recently was watching a commercial on TV. A babe with striking looks donning a revealing bikini was walking out of the sea. As I watched in awe, I was surprised to know that the advertisement was that of a cement brand. Now, what does a woman showing well-toned wearing nearly nothing have to do with a cement company! I got a feeling that the advertisement agencies use women’s bodies more than the women do it themselves!
Let’s talk about two situations related to this topic which come to my mind.
Once, there was a youngster who burning midnight oil to discover an alternative to petroleum. Seeing the youngster toil so hard, a village elder went to him that instead of going on spending his money to pursue his research which had failed to yield any discovery yet, he had an alternative solution. The elder told the youngster that deep inside the dense Kanha forest, there lived a hermit in a thatched hut. It is extremely difficult to cut through the forest and reach him but if you reach him, you can ask him the alternative of petrol. “He will tell you and you would be saved of further effort of putting in dogged research. But remember, the hermit answers just one question and then disappears”, the elder warned the youngster who eagerly took off on the unknown expedition.
After trekking the dangerous path in the forest, the youngster finally reached the hut. He was ready with his question, “What is the alternative of petrol?”. As he entered the hut, the youngster was stunned to see that the hermit was an exceptionally beautiful woman who exuded sensuality. Awe-struck, for a minute he forgot why he was there, his purpose. Suddenly he blurted, “Hey pretty lady, would you marry me?”. The lady hermit said `No’ and vanished!!
There is another similar tale. Once a beauty sat down to gamble with four men in Las Vegas. Turning on her charms, the woman said that lady lucks tends to be with her when she gambles naked and asked if the men had any problem with that. Now which man would have a problem with the woman willingly taking off her clothes! They started playing and just as the roullette started spinning, a few seconds later, the woman cried out in ecstasy, “I win, I win”. Quickly, she gathered the coins and left. When the men came to their senses, they realised none of them knew what number they had betted on. They were not paying any attention to the game, all their attention was focussed on, you know where!!
You may find these stories hilarious but they offer a peep into the psyche of men. Women too often hold a similar opinion about men- they see a beautiful woman and there they go! But researchers of the Belgium Leuvane University say that men are not at fault here. The secretion of testosterone hormones in men ensure that the mere sight of a sensual woman numbs their thinking and decision making capacity. These researchers found that men between 12 to 28 years when shown pictures of sexy women fumbled when it came to decision making!
Professionals in advertisement agencies, television and films seems to be a step ahead in knowing about this fact about behaviour of men which was made known by the Belgium researchers. That is why for advertisement of any product related to men (after seeing the cement ad, I believe now that in any product), men may not be present but sexy, half-clad women showing lot of skin are inevitable-they have to be there. There might not be any dum in the film but an item-girl can breathe life into lackluster movie! The strategy to hire beautiful saleswomen to push the sales is no more a secret now.
Men folk, like the youngster in the story, we do not know that despite having decided what to do, we might fumble at the last minute on spotting a sensuous woman. It is physiological disability! So next time, to spare yourself from sliding off this slippery terrain, you might like to take a woman along (be it wife, girlfriend or secretary) when go for a business deal or shopping! One woman would not dare to use her armament of charms in the presence of other women. It is probably because of this that secret service agencies employ women secret agents along with male agents. Now you understand how attractive women help your business grow.

Reflection: Presence of attractive and beautiful woman leave men dumb and women alert!

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Rio, The city of Atlantic ecstasy…….

Rio, The city of Atlantic ecstasy…….
On first anniversary of my visit to Rio

“You desire something intensely in your life and you are going to get it”- this is what called law of attraction. Strange but true, at least that’s what I have experienced many times in my life. My recent visit to Rio de Janeiro is the latest testimony of the law. In my college days, since I had watched movie ‘Blame it on Rio’, I had passionate aspiration to be there. Even after two decades and visiting eighteen countries my desire did not fade slightest. Law came true once again when I was invited to be a part of Indian delegation to Indo-Brazilian meet and excitement went on lyrics Brazil la la la la la la …..
First step on Brazilian land was ‘turn off’- 24 hours of journey, extremely chaotic Sao Paulo airport, Portuguese speaking people and a run to catch Rio flight- exhausting in true sense. At 12.30 AM my colleague woke me up “We have landed in Rio”. Airport and etiquette was way different then Sao Paulo. I’m sure this line will not be liked by people of Sao Paulo as there is a cold war between people of Sao Paulo and Rio, that’s what I could make out during my visit to both places. “People in Rio does not work, they just keep themselves in fun and leisure” Sao Paulo people says. “Life is much harder here and they feel that they are the only one who works in Brazil, uh” replies Rio people!
“Rio is about beer, soccer and women” our tour guide Marcello started with interesting remarks, probably with hope to do away with dozy look from our face. Realizing he is failed in his effort, he kept almost tight-lipped until he checked us in Pestana Rio Atlantica, right on Copacabana beach. Now we were on one of the exotic locations on earth, morning walk on the beach will be lifetime experience, with this thought in mind I went off the sleep. (Photograph of Copacabana beach is taken from balcony of my hotel room).
Morning 6.30 a.m., I was walking on the beach track while watching sun rise over the sparkling blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The beach, projected as the Brazilian icon since long, is circled by a string of hills that stretch out into the bay. Beach has almost 8 km track which was full of walkers, joggers and dazzled visitors like me. Cyclists were on their separate track and hiring their bikes from beach itself. Cleanliness of beach was attention-grabbing and unbelievable too. Every 100 meters, there were poles for soccer, volley ball, etc and none of them were unoccupied! Every 2 km, there was a cabin of costal guards monitoring people’s safety. I ended my walk with imprinted memory of deep blue Atlantic, refreshing salty breeze and mystic feel of Copacabana. My mind has concluded the fact, Rio is not about beer, soccer and women but it’s also about exercise and fun.
Rio is the unique city in the world and its uniqueness is supported by the fact that it is the happening city with ocean, mountains and rain forests together. Apart from Copacabana beach, Rio has many other beaches like Ipanema (spotless blue Atlantic and wide stretches of white sand on which you’ll find people wearing all variety of styles, from nearly nothing to conservative clothes.), Leblon (family beach with bordering hills), Sao Conrado (preferred spot for surfers, hand gliders and Paragliding trainers), Beaches of Niteroi etc. Bigger waves and cleaner waters were emblematic for all beaches. All beaches in Rio are public beaches; there is no private beach in the city. Water sports are prohibited on Rio beaches to prevent accidents and for the safety of people. City tour of Rio beaches ended with conclusion in my mind that in Rio good body is not a luxury but it is a necessity to enjoy the ecstasy of an Atlantic!

Morning walk on Copacabana and coconut water was in next to no time established routine, what an exotic way to start your day! Today was a day of visit to mountains of Rio. The Corcovado Mountain (710 meters to the top) was first on the list. To reach the top of the mountain one need to take a modern Swiss-made cogwheel rail which takes about 17 minutes. As it climbs through Tijuca Rain Forest to the top of the mountain you see inaccessible looking Brazilian huts in deep green background and adventurous people climbing to the top along the rail tracks. Dense rain forest was as dusky as ever. Finally, on the top you are at the feet of towering statue of Christ the Redeemer carved in mosaic. 38 meters above you, he is standing with opened arms to embrace viewers far far away as he oversees the city of Rio. I had to struggle a bit to look at his face in clarity as clouds were running across very fast drizzling us. You can also have spectacular views of the beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, the Lagoon, Sugarloaf Mountain, Maracana stadium and the picturesque overall beauty of Rio.
After experiencing cogwheel rail, now I was in the huge cabin carrying almost 70 people on the rope way, way to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain. It is a two stage rope way. Being in the heart of Rio de Janeiro the entire 360-degree panoramic view of Rio is at your disposal. Cappuccino coffee is must here as clouds and breeze chilling you outside you pamper your throat with warmth inside. At the top of both the mountain what I could realize was eternal beauty and god’s blessings in its own way to the city of Rio.
Apart from sea, mountain and forests there are lot many monumental places are tourist’s attraction in Rio. Maracana soccer stadium (once the world’s largest soccer stadium), the modern Metropolitan Cathedral (shaped like an Aztec temple which accommodates 20,000 standing people), Mahatma Gandhi square (can you believe this?! Yes, this is a place in downtown Rio. Statue of Mahatma Gandhi is much better than ours! Walking for a peace…) etc are some of them.
Finally let me tell you about another Rio, within Rio city; the favela (term for a shanty town in Brazil.). They are areas of irregular and poor-quality housing, often crowded onto hillsides. There are close to 750 favelas in Rio. They are now home to 20% of Rio’s population. However, it reminds you of slums of Dharavi, favela is fundamentally different from a slum, primarily in terms of its origin and location.
Five days in Rio passed like a wink. While writing this my mind is still wandering in blue sparkling water of an Atlantic and ecstatic morning walks on Copacabana beach. Truly a life-time experience of an Atlantic ecstasy, Rio de Janeiro, worth visiting again………



Why public servants disappear when they are required, the most by public?!!

“May I help you?” I’m sure that this sentence will create an image of police station in your mind as our police stations outside walls have a board asking you this question.  But, real question is do they really mean this?  Unfortunately, they do not. I’m sure who so ever needed such help in past will join me in my view. Recently I had an experience which itself endorsed my view.

I was passing by Thaltej Crossroads with my family. We were going back to our home in Honda City, completing our long drive on Saturday evening. I was driving at the speed of 20km/hr. As I passed by a small truck; which was standing perpendicular to my car on the side of road, suddenly jumped start and bang my tail light. ‘Dhum’, my tail light gone and bumper broken. Moreover, rear side dented badly.  I came out of my car while still trying to figure out how that standstill truck jumped on my Honda’s tail. To me it seemed a deliberate act on truck driver’s part. I compelled truck driver to come down the truck while he was carelessly looking into his rear mirror. It was his way to ignore me and incident as well. We started exchanging words on his reckless start. Soon I realized that it was futile to argue with the driver who was found to be drunk. I turned to a traffic cops standing there and enjoying our arguments.

“Sir, you have witnessed this accident and this truck driver seems drunk. Please help me to sort out this” I asked to one of the cops, keeping ‘may I help’ motto in my mind.

“Take your vehicle on side of the road” he told me without looking at me. I followed his words with a hope that he will then help me to sort out my problem. To my surprise, this ‘may I help you’ guy get himself detached from the issue and started gossiping with his fellow cops. He never bothered to look at us.

“Sir, please tell me what I should do?” I again went to him despite of his humiliating response.

“How do I know? Both of you have to resolve in your own way.” He showed his disinterest.

“But you have witnessed the event”

“So what?!” he interrupted me in between and started chatting with his other ‘may I help you’ guys.

Realizing his indifference, I turned back to truck driver who was carelessly busy putting Gutkha pouch in his mouth. He gave me his mobile and asked me to talk.

“Bolo (Tell me)” I heard annoyed voice “I’m his Sheth”. I explained everything that has happened.

“Sir, from your talk you seem to be a civilized person. Pardon him and finish the matter” he almost ordered me while trying to be sober. I told him my intention to lodge police complain.

“My father is police inspector” probably he was trying to threat me or to convey me that nothing will be done on that end.

“Who so ever you are, I have to lodge a complaint to recover my expenses. Moreover, this chap is drunk and driving!” I told him firmly.

Those ‘May I help you guys’  in traffic police dress were seeing whole drama pretending they were busy in their own talk. By that time one guy came on bike and started negotiating with me. “I’m send by the Sheth who talked to you. Tell me now what you want to do?”

“I want to lodge police complain” I said in straight point.

He laughed “come on you look decent person, aren’t you aware what will be done there?”

I kept quiet. “See even these people are not bothered for you, they are on our ‘Hafta’ and this is a routine affair for us” he pointed his eyes towards traffic police who were all set to go home.

“Sir, he is right. Is ke saath hi nipta lo verna jo mil raha hai who bhi jayega” (settle with him or you won’t get anything) pedestrian who was watching this drama advised me in a good faith.

Still I was firm on my decision but I saw traffic guys disappearing on their bikes, frustrated by this I agreed to negotiate with that man.

Of course whole incidence was not new to someone staying in India since his birth, but I felt very bad when my teenage son told me “Dad, you wasted your time seeking help from those traffic guys. You should be knowing that they are not concerned to help traffic or drivers. They are there to collect money to finish their target and fill their personal pocket.”  I felt bad because we talk to improve our country’s reputation and increase patriotism in our upcoming generation, and what they learn from daily incidences like this is totally disappointing. Such attitude of public servants should be severely punished not because they did not help needy civilians but for spoiling the reputation of department they work and thereby the nation itself. My mind was on fire and I decided to distract it by switching my TV on.

TV reporter was taking an interview of person affected by heavy rain. “We are stuck in this heavy rain, our houses drowned and we are hungry since 48 hours” flood affected civilian narrating his misfortune.

“Nobody came for help?! Not councilor of your area or government officials?!!” reporter asked. And my mind started new stream of thought- why public servants disappear when they are required, the most by public. I switched off the TV….

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